Panel 1: Person 1 (sitting on the floor, holding the skeleton of a mouse): "Errm ... your carpet is ... somewhat ... dirty." Person 2 (lying on the floor, holding a remote control): "I know." -- Panel 2: Person 1 (throwing the skeleton away): "Why don't you clean it then?" Person 2: "Nah, it's too old. I'd have to buy a new one." -- Panel 3: Person 1 (trying to stand up, but the other hand is glued to the carpet): "They are not that expensive anymore these days." Person 2: "Well, it's good enough for me." -- Panel 4: Person 1 (having ripped off a small part of the carpet that is glued to his hand): "You could buy one of these special adapters for vacuum cleaners. They work with old carpets." Person 2: "I am not familiar with these. And I don't want to learn." -- Panel 5: Person 1 (trying to remove the part of the carpet from his hand): "Aren't you afraid of bacteria, lice, mites, etc.?" Person 2: "So far, nothing happened." -- Subtitle: "Update Patterns"