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What the F? So far I was really contented with my Lenovo ThinkPad. But well, yesterday I got a new UMTS-Modem, which I wanted to install - noticing that the ThinkPads' BIOS does not like it. The ThinkWiki sais

"IBM/Lenovo's reasoning for this is that the combination of MiniPCI card and the integrated antenna in the ThinkPad needs to be certified by the US FCC (Federal Communications Commission). or similar agencies in other countries."

Besides that I do not quite believe that that is the only reason for Lenovo, I do believe that there are such regulations, at least in the USA.

This is just bloody stupid. They could forbid the sale of such cards without an included antenna and a notice that only this antenna is to be used. But the way it is now is the worst for all kinds of users.

The unexpierienced user who just buys an extension to his older Laptop and tries to install it will be confused and unable to handle with it. Expierienced users will beable to get their cards work, as there are quite a lot of possible solutions, and it just makes their lifes harder. Users that really want to do anything harmful with their device, like increasing the strength of their signal, can either use one of the supported devices and replace the antenna by a stronger one.

That is why I do not like that kind of regulations: They make the life of users harder, while not really keeping anybody from breaking the law if he wants.

Same for DRM, Sim-Locks and Internet Locks. They make life harder for the users, not for the lawbreakers.