If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then,
is an empty desk a sign? (Albert Einstein)

Now since a few days, I switched to Opera, away from Firefox. Firefox is getting on my nerves. With every new version it is promised to get so much faster and less unstable, but with every new version it gets slower and crashes more often, as far as I saw.

So, well, Opera is a lot faster. I have a page with several hundred images, which took a few minutes to load under Firefox. I always thought that was because of the latency when downloading many files. Well, maybe opera multiplexes requests (which used to be a misfeature in Firefox iirc, dont know if it multiplexes connections meanwhile), but I assume the main reason behind the slow rendering of the images themselves. That is, the bottleneck doesnt lie in the traffic or latency, it lies in the rendering engine. WTF?

So Opera looked good and had most features I need, except for a proper Proxy-Setting, but well, I could use tinyproxy to make this better. But it has strange Key- and Mouse-Bindings, and it has been more than one time now that Opera switched to another page while I was accidentally typing a wrong key, and when turning back, deleted all my Form-Data. And there is an Issue with Clicks on Flash-Animations. Sorry, I dont like Flash, but I want to be able to use it, anyway.

Good alternatives are Midori and Epiphany. But they lack of the possibility of putting the Tab-Bar to the bottom - while they have huge tabbars.

Google Chrome meanwhile has a lot of features, and when turning off the window decorations (they are turned off by default, but originally I want them) it is usable. Also, there seems not to be any possibility of making it showing the tabbar multilined. Though, I have found a few extensions that make it easier to handle the tabs.

And since Chrome is widely-used browser, I hope that this issue will be resolved, and something like Tab Mix Plus (the firefox-extension) will be made for Chrome soon.

I dont know of any other alternative ... After all, I hate all browsers I know.