Panel 1: Three person sitting on a table. Person 1 has a cup, person 2 holds a paper, person 3 is a priest in front of a bible holding a rosary. Person 1: "Meh. Sometimes I wonder whether really all software sucks!?!" -- Panel 2: Person 2: "Well, programming is not as easy as it sounds. It is nearly impossible to write software that does not suck." -- Panel 3: Person 3: "There is somebody who can, though! The Lord himself programmed our souls. And they do not suck!" Person 1: "Whatever." -- Panel 4: Later: Person 1 is in a room with a vacuum cleaner and a child jumping on his bed. Person 1: "Clean up your room NOW!" Child: "No!" -- Panel 5: A big picture of Person 1's shocked face, with a hand in front of his mouth: "He ... was ... right ..."