In all the panels, "∀tv" is placed in the upper left and "𐤉-Combinator" in the lower right corner, similar to text overlays in television. -- Panel 1: A curved object with a screen is shown beneath a stylised logo reading "Perfection Refined" or "Refined Perfection" -- Panel 2: Different Parts of the object are now labled like in a technical diagram. The labels are "LTE", "2G RAM", "16GB internal storage" and "Android 9 (Hovercraft)" -- Panel 3: Several instances of the object in motion, labeled "Extremely low air-resistance". -- Panel 4: The objects are dropped into a pot. Label: "Gluten-free" -- Panel 5: The pot and a spoon are shown from farther away, captioned "Cindy™ - The first SmartNoodle".