Panel 1: An elderly man sits at a desk, on the desk is a tomato and a toothbrush. He holds up a small package. Subtext: "The daily stress as an asylum seeker can wear your teeth out. Our team from the Prof Goodest institute created a new adhesive cream to specifically fit these needs." -- Panel 2: Two neonazis and two asylum seekers are shown. One neonazi kicks one asylum seeker in the face, the other neonazi hits the other asylum seeker with a baseball bat. Subtext: "As you can see in our test, both asylum seekers are exposed to the usual hazards. Nuri wears a conventional adhesive cream. Bassam wears the new Polydent Asylum Plus." -- Panel 3: A new scene is shown. The two asylum seekers are shown. The left one sits in a wheelchair, and wears a body cast. His mouth is open, but only few teeth are left. The right one wears a cervical collar and walks on crutches. His mouth is open, only one tooth is missing. Subtext: "The result speaks for itself." -- Panel 4: A close-up view on the package is shown, it sais "Polydent Asylum + dental adhesive. ClustMillerTall."
Disclaimer: I thought about whether I should really publish this comic, as my special kind of humor could be misunderstood and give a wrong impression about my attitude. I do not want to offend anyone, I just hope to be thought-provoking.