Panel 1: At a restaurant table. One person is sitting on a chair, with his pants dropped and some tube coming out of a box and into the down side of his chair, so it will probably be inserted into his colon. Another chair is shown which has a gap for these tubes. A confused person is shown who is anxiously leaning agains the table. A waiter lifts another such tube with his hand and says: "Sir, I have to demand you to turn around and remove your pants for the colonoscopy." The anxious person answers: "I just wanted to eat something. I don't want a colonoscopy!" The waiter answers "Yes, and thanks to the funding we get for performing these colonoscopies, you will get all of the food for free. And you will help making our food more healthy and enjoyable." -- Panel 2: The same scene. The anxious person sais "Can't I just pay for the foodinstead of having a colonoscopy?" The person who is already sitting is now saying "Come on, it doesn't feel that bad at all, and the food is good and free." and the waiter sais "Unfortunately, we currently do not have the resources to provide such a service." -- Panel 3: The restaurant is shown. It is named "Culex's". It is the only restaurant on a long road. The waiter sais "I cannot force you to do so. But I am afraid you will have to find another restaurant then." -- Subtext: "Do-Not-Track-Header"