Panel 1: An eyelid opens, a structure shows. The structure says: "Good morning, Mr Kernstein. We successfully revived you from cryogenics." -- Panel 2: A person with a probiscis is shown, waving his hand, saying: "You slept for approximately 3000 years. Welcome to the future!" -- Panel 3: On the left side, a man is shown sitting in a sarcophagus, looking confused. On the right side, the person with a probiscis is standing. The man in the sarcophagus says: "What are you?" The person with the probiscis says: "Don't worry. I am a human." -- Panel 4: A diagram is shown as an illustration to the nearby text. The text sais: "About 1200 years ago, a cold virus infected an elephant. It injected its DNA nearby the gene for the probiscis. Which in turn was replicated into new viruses. And finally, infected us humans, and gave us probiscides." -- Panel 5: Again, the man in the sarcophagus and the person with the probiscis is shown. The person with the probiscis holds an item with his probiscis, which looks like glasses with a probiscis attached to the nose saddle. He sais: "But don't worry, prosthetics are far more advanced these days."