Panel 1: Two persons are shown. Person A has a computer with an external webcam attached to it. Person B has a computer without external devices, with a Bomb Plant emblem on the back of the screen. Person B sais: "I see you use an external webcam." Person A sais: "Yes. It does its job." -- Panel 2: The perspective of the scene slightly changes. Person B sais: "But isn't it impractical to always carry it with you?" Person A sais: "No." -- Panel 3: The perspective of the scene changes, person A is only shown in the background, but the front of person B's screen is shown. In the place where the integrated webcam would be, two glue strips are holding a piece of paper, so the webcam cannot take images. Person A sais: "Hm. I prefer everything to be integrated. I like to have everything ready when I need it."