Panel 1: A disappointed person walks by saying: "Life sucks. I don't know what to live for anymore. And it is not like in the movies, where some angel comes and tells you that it is good that you exist." -- Panel 2: An angel (with a halo and a wand with a star) appears. The person looks shocked. The angel sais: "Hi. I am the angel of your past. I am here to show you why it is good that you exist! Let me take you to your past!" -- Panel 3: Both look inside some sort of cloud with a hole in it. The person sais: "This is not my past." The angel sais: "Huh? Who are you?" The person sais: "I am Melvin Smith." -- Panel 4-5: Angel: "Oh. This is embarrassing. Sorry. I had a lot of stress recently." Person: "No problem. Mistakes happen. Nobody is perfect." Angel: "Ah. I have something for you too." Person: "What might that be..." -- Panel 6: The angel kicks the person's crotch. -- Panel 7: The angel disappeared. The person lies on the bottom, his face indicates pain, he is holding his crotch.