Dazu kann ich recherchieren.

The world wants to boycott Germany? Or at least say so? Well, apparently they want to boycott buying German products, not getting German money.

It is easy to blame someone, especially someone with a history as bad as us Germans'. What I saw in this report about the poor Greeks' situation (having to give their children away) shocked me. And while there might be nationalism in Germany, most Germans would not agree to measures that lead to something like that. They just don't know that it is really that bad.

Don't forget: Many Germans are poor too - mostly not that poor apparently, but still poor. And their only daily lecture is Bild - which tells them that the lazy Greek people take away their money. The reason that poor Greek people are angry about Germany is similar to the reason that poor German people are angry about Greece: They think that it causes their bad situation.

So just today I read that Apple could have bailed out Greece twice. And I wonder: Why not #boycottApple then? But again, it is not Apple alone. I am sure there are many companies that could do so. And I am sure that there are many companies that even caused Greece's situation. Why don't we all just boycott them? Why not #boycottCapitalism?

Could it be because we all secretly love the current kind of capitalism? Greece benefited from it in the past, as well as Germany did. As Volker Pispers points out: It is the modern religion, you don't have to understand it, you just have to believe it.

While I can pity single persons, I do not pity the Greece people on the whole. For decades they accepted this system. And when it was too late, they elected extremist parties. I am sure if it was the other way around, they would have a government that would behave like Germany does now, maybe a little better, maybe a little worse.

And I am sure the day will come for many of the German people who cry about our precious German money being given away to greedy Greeks to be in need of help themselves. Hopefully the system has changed till then.

Every nation gets the government it deserves. (Joseph de Maistre)