Panel 1-2: It is night, some stars are visible. A person is standing at a bridge handrail, saying: "*sigh*, so this is how it ends." -- Panel 3: The person sits down on the sidewalk and opens up a laptop, saying: "I will write a mail to the police. They have people who are prepared to see such things. Hm. But I have to make sure that it does not arrive before… it is finished." -- Panel 4: "Ok, let's see. I need at(1p). And then I will invoke mutt(1). Hm. What was the commandline again? Let's see…" -- Panel 5: It is dawn. The person says: "Hm. Ok, I have to set LANG=C. But what timezone will it use then? Hm. And was it RFC 2822 time or RFC 3339?" -- Panel 6: It is day. A city cleaner with a broom appears and sais: "Sir, I have to sweep here." The person says: "Ok, sorry.", grabs his laptop and stands up.