Panel 1: A computer screen is shown, with keyboard and mouse, on a table. In front of the computer screen (reaching out of its boundaries to the right) something "foggy" is shown. -- Panel 2: A person is shown which wipes the screen with his hand, saying "Hmmm ... No ..." -- Panel 3-5: The wiping was not successfull, again, the screen with the fog is shown. The person cleans his glasses and puts them on again. -- Panel 6: Cleaning the glasses was not successfull, the screen is again shown with the fog. The person is saying "No ..." -- Panel 7-9: The person uses eye drops, then looks at the screen again. The screen still contains the fog. The person sais "Hmmmmm...?" -- Panel 10: The person lifts his finger, and happily acknowledges: "Ah. I have migraine. It's a scintillating scotoma." -- Panel 11: The person bends his finger down again, and with his other hand, he touches his head, saying "Ewww..."