Panel 1: Person 1 stands in front of three walls, he hammers a nail into the middle wall. Person 2 comes from the side and sais "Hi, What's up?" Person 1: "I am preparing my double slit challenge." -- Panel 2: Person 2 is behind one of the walls. Behind the three walls, a screen is visible. Person 1: "You have to run fast enough to maintain coherence. Then the double slit will split you, and then through these slits you reach the screen behind them." Person 2: "What is this good for." Person 1: "It is a challenge that should raise the awareness of Fibromyalgia." -- Panel 3: Person 2: "And what will happen to you?" Person 1: "I will become an interference pattern, I guess."

Personal Note: As I have a lot of work to do right now, I will probably not publish any comics until october.