Two persons sitting at a table. Person 1: "You don't seem to use your computer, may I check my mails?" -- Person 2: "Go ahead. You know how to open Xterm." -- Person 1: "Hm. It only opens context menus." -- Person 2: "The mouse is in left hand mode." -- Person 1: "Ew. Strange things happen when I type." -- Person 2: "Sorry, dvorak. Here. Now it is qwerty again." -- Person 1: "Where can I enter the address?" -- Person 2: "Press :go and then type it." -- Person 1: "Hm. The website looks strange." -- Person 2: "Ah, CSS, JavaScript and cookies are disabled. I'll enable them for you." -- Person 1: "I followed a link to a video, but it isn't showing." -- Person 2: "Hm. No Flashplayer. Try youtube-dl." -- Person 1: "Ok. Hm. Something still doesn't work." -- Person 2: "Wait a minute, I'll just set up a virtual machine for you."