So I was looking for an alternative to my current habit of consuming websites: I let my feedreader create a list of links, and then, using tab mix plus, I open these links all at once, and wait until they are loaded. This way, I can view them when I am offline.

I would be satisfied if Pale Moon had an option to actually save these tabs for later reading, but it hasn't: I need to keep them in RAM, and keep Pale Moon running. Apparently, this would not be cloudy enough. So there are services claiming to do exactly this, for example, Pocket.

So I signed up for a Pocket account, and configured this cli application. Furthermore, I had to install Google Chrome, because apparently, their programmers do not know about HTML5 local storage, and viewing articles offline is only supported in their apps, which means using a Google Chrome App under Linux.

So, I was experimenting a little with pocket-cli, just to see whether it kept its promise. And … it didn't. Somehow, it showed some sort of summary of many sites. It was especially bad for this website, All links and titles were messed up, you have no way of properly reading it.

Think about it: I try to make sure that my website is usable under lynx, and with screenreaders. But Pocket scrambles it. Probably because my site doesn't have that much meta and link tags and shit. Anyway, also other sites were shortened.

So after all, I don't see why anyone would use this service. It is a bookmark service with previews that syncs between devices. Just like the native Firefox Sync. The only thing it appears to be able to do is posting your reading habits to facebook and twitter. But I can manually post links there.

In the end, I deleted my account again. And I will probably have to keep my habits. At least until I find something better.