Das Tüpfelchen auf dem k.

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After a long ride on German trails I kindly want to make the request to the programmers of the messenger.com web app to please die in a chemical fire.

Then, Facebook could maybe pay some student to hack together a simple interface that just does - say - autorefresh every few seconds.

Well, admittedly, ping times of 21686ms, which are common in Germany, are a problem when programming certain kinds of low latency network software. I wouldn't blame, for example, MineCraft to not work under these conditions.

But a simple text chat – and yes, that's what your "web app" is – should work perfectly well under that conditions.

And yes, I tried your Android app, and it is even worse. It drains my battery, has the same issues, and above that, I had situations where the messages were not synced correctly (or at all) between my devices.

And don't tell me that this was too hard to implement. Skype has a similar messaging website. And it works perfectly. Even WhatsApp Web works better, though it is annoying that they want an active connection with the phone.