Panel 1: A man comes home. A table with a dish with a steaming meal is in the center. A woman is there, saying: "Darling, I've made ur favourite meal..." -- Panel 2: A close view of the dish. The woman sais: "Noodles with foam concrete." -- Panel 3: The man looks confused, sits in front of the table, and sais: "Thank u, you're the best!" -- Panel 4: The man still looks confused. He chews the meal, it crunches, slobber is coming out of his mouth. The woman is shocked and sais: "OMG, I think I confused foam concrete and foam sauce again." -- Panel 5: The man's eyes turn into hearts, showing that he is in love. He sais: "It doesn't matter, honey. If you made it, it contains love, and I like it." -- Subtitle: "Love"

(C) 2014 Christoph-Simon Senjak & Eva Dengler