Panel 1: Person 1: "What coffee brand do you use?". Person 2 (having spoon and coffee package, standing in front of a coffee machine): "Elstén, it sais.". -- Panel 2: Person 1: "Are you aware that Elstén is not FairTrade?". Person 2: "I don't really care." -- Person 1 (shocked holding his hand before his mouth): "Don't you feel guilty for the poor farmers?". Person 2 (continuing to prepare the coffee machine): "No." -- Panel 3: Person 2 (with lifted finger): "I see, you're shocked. So let me explain." -- Panel 4: Picture of working farmers. Person 2 (not shown): "Of course, the farmers are doing hard work for starvation wages." -- Panel 5: Picture of a grocery stand. Person 2 (not shown): "They get their wages from market sellers. These market sellers are guilty. But they do not really get much money either, so how can you accuse them?" -- Panel 6: Picture of a truck. Person 2 (not shown): "Further resellers transport the coffee. They are not well-paid, either." -- Panel 7: Picture of a shelf. Person 2 (not shown): "When it finally reaches our shops, they also cannot get more money. Otherwise, we would just move to another shop." -- Panel 8: The farmers from panel 2 are shown again, small dark-red arrows pointing away from them in all directions, a large dark-red arrow points to an image of the truck from panel 6. Small red arrows pointing away from the truck in all direction, one large red arrow pointing to a picture of the grocery stand shown in panel 5. Small light-red arrows are pointing away from this grogery stand, a large light-red arrow points to a picture of the shelf from panel 7. -- Panel 9: The two persons are sitting at the table, two cups are on the table, person 1 fills one cup with coffee. Person 2: "At every step, a lot of guilt is just emitted, like waste heat. Only a very small part actually arrives here." -- Panel 10: Person 2 drinks from the first cup. Person 1 fills up the second cup. Person 1: "That makes sense." ---- (gurer vf n fznyy fcvqre-ohaal sebz gur sbezre pbzvpf gung nccrnef va gur pbssrr cbjqre va gur frpbaq cnary naq va gur pbssrr pna va gur guveq cnary naq va gur pbssrr va gur avagu cnary naq vf gura qenax sebz gur phc bs crefba gjb va gur ynfg cnary)