Panel 1: God (an eye inside a triangle emitting rays), a seraph (angel with six wings), Azrael (death angel with a scythe) and another being, two wheels with eyes spinning through each other, are shown. God: "This project is going to be so exciting! A whole universe, written in a purely functional language, without side-effects!" -- Panel 2: Seraph (sitting at a computer): "Meh. I need side-effects. But I do not want to change my whole code into monadic style." Satan (horned, with venomous grin on his face): "Why don't you use unsafePerformIO? Nobody will ever notice." Seraph: "Hm. Well." -- Panel 3: A cloud is shown with a scientist standing behind a table with the EPR experiment, saying "It contradicts Bell's inequality." Above the cloud, God is looking angry at the Seraph, the Seraph is guiltily scratching his occiput.