Panel 1: A head of a giraffe looks at cloudy sunset. Title: "But the sun soaring high." -- Panel 2: Two ants carrying parts of leaves on a branch. Title: "in the azure sky" -- Panel 3: A singer at a grand piano with some drums and a ladder in the background is shown. Title: "Keeps tall and little" -- Panel 4: Title: "On the infinite cycle". The exploding sun is shown, earth inside the explosion, only half of the moon remained. Subtitle: "6 billion years later." ---- (Gur svefg guerr cnaryf ybbfryl erfrzoyr gur zhfvp ivqrb bs gur gvgyr fbat bs gur yvba xvat ol rygba wbua naq gur grkg nyfb erfrzoyrf yvarf bs guvf fbat)