und aus dem Chaos kam eine Stimme, und die Stimme sprach zu mir
"Lächle und sei fröhlich, denn es könnte schlimmer kommen."
und ich lächelte und war fröhlich
und es kam schlimmer.

As I am using bitlbee and quite a few autojoined irc-channels, irssi can get a lot less handy because of its many windows.

There are M-0 to M-9 to quickly navigate through the first 10 windows. M-a gets you to what irssi thinks that is the active window, but I want to control this myself. "/window 27" is a long command, that takes long to type.

So I decided to add a few aliases. I didnt want to write an irssi-script for it, and since I never had more than 100 windows, I just typed

$ i=0; while [[ $i -le 100 ]]; do echo /alias $i /window $i; ((i++)); done

in bash and pasted the output into irssi. Now I can acces windows via /<window_number>, i.e. /1, /27, /100. Nice.