In den ersten Lebensjahren eines Kindes bringen ihm die Eltern Gehen und Sprechen bei,
in den späteren verlangen sie dann, dass es stillsitzt und den Mund hält.
(Johann Nestroy)

Yet another old programming environment I used for quite a long time is the Borland C++ Builder. It is the brother of the very famous Borland Delphi, and the IDE and API looks quite similar to it. I was given a book named "C++ für Kids", which taught the basics of it, but seems like already in my younger years I knew I would not like C++.

However, it is a quite nice environment with which one can easily create simple applications.

When starting, one usually sees a simple Window "Form 1". At the left side, several properties can be set, for example, the Caption of that first window.

Like in Visual C++, one can put several widgets on that window, and work with them.

When double-klicking on one of these widgets, the default event-handler is created. For a button, this is the OnClick-handler. It can be set appropriate.

As soon as we are finished with making our application, we can run it!

It is as simple as that, and with just a little more efforts, nice applications can be made.