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The software sudo is useful to give users the right to execute commands that otherwise need higher permissions. Ubuntu does not even have a root-account anymore that you can login into, you need to run sudo (maybe in combination with su) to gain root privileges.

Besides that, the manpage for the sudoers-file (the file configuring sudo), is one of the worst manpages I know, introducing EBNF and giving an EBNF-Grammar - well, not quite, there are manpages not giving any information at all, or even confusing more than giving clarity. But from the manpages giving correct information, this has a chance to be the worst.

Since one has to use visudo or sudoedit anyway to edit the /etc/sudoers, it would be nice to have an intuitive GUI for doing this. Something in which one can add users to executables that they may run, etc.

I wonder if there is such an UI already - on Ubuntu, I did not find anything like that yes, but maybe SuSE or RedHat has one. In any case, it would be a nice thing to have.