Panel 1: Person A and Person B in front of a computer. B: "I tried Linux, but it cannot render my videos flawless on this machine." A: "It is pretty old. Linux may be running on it, but that is a problem of the video codec. Have you already tried some of the recommended optimisations? I have seen people running it quite well after doing some configuration." -- Panel 2: B: "Nah. Seems like Linux is not mature yet. I think I will buy a new Windows-PC. Or maybe I will try a Mac. They are said to be very user friendly." A: "Mature? The reasonable versions of Windows will not even run on this machine, not to mention Mac OS X. And it costs you several hundred euros just for the software, not to mention a new computer." -- Panel 3: B: "Ok, listen. I only want software that works. And obviously, this is not the case for this Linux system. You are the expert - you have to convince me to use this software!" A: "If you wish to waste your money, feel free to do so..." -- Panel 4-5: Now A and B are standing in front of a nuclear power plant. A: "These nuclear power plants are just a procrastinated way of pollution. Besides the many hazardous chemicals involved with them, it is not clear what to do with the nuclear waste on the long term. It is not clear whether they are a threat to our health. And above that, they waste a lot of taxpayers' money that could be invested in new forms of energy production." B: "You are not an expert. The experts say it is safe and cheap. We should leave this decision to the experts."