People wait all week for friday,
all year for summer,
all life for happiness.

Ok, it really pisses me off! For every IP range I block, another one appears. How many damn IP adresses do chinese providers possess? I mean it is not that I do not have anything better to do. Ok, from now on:

Zero tolerance against Spam!

Which means:

  • This site is no longer accessible without a browser that supports gzip (which any reasonable browser should do) - this is because I assume that most spambots will not support it.
  • If an IP is accessing my comment-cgi-script multiple times without any comment going through, then I will do a whois-query on it, and if multiple IPs from the same provider are spamming, I will probably block that provider, especially when it is from china (which appears to be the source of most spam-attacks apparently). The chinese government has a big firewall as far as I know - why can they not block spam, instead of just infringing their people's personal rights?
  • If I see an IP from a server-provider doing nasty stuff (like accessing my comments page several thousand times), then I will contact this provider (in addition to blocking the IP). I already did this, and I will continue doing this - reasonable providers have a mail adress to alert abuses of their services, and I will use them, because I think it is the interest of me, these providers, and in the end the whole internet, to get rid of that pest!
  • If this site was hosted in a country with a law reasonable for the internet, I would not doubt to publish my list of blocked IPs, so other people could profit from it. But this site is still hosted in Germany. I am pretty sure that the rights of  worried pensioners or sons of worried parents with their infected computers weight heavier than me being annoyed by their contribution to the botnet attacking me, and so, I would not be allowed to publish their IP adresses. A pity.
  • Again, if you know somebody who cannot access this website, please tell me - I do not want to lock out any legit person, but mistakes happen!