There are only two things wrong with C++.
The initial concept and the implementation.
(Bertrand Meyer)

The feel when diving into a virtual world. For a healthy person it can be relaxing, for a disabled person, I guess it can be a form of escape from his body.

Unfortunately, while those who would be able to go outside are given several kinds of gadgets, those who cannot appear to be widely forgotten by the game industry.

How refreshing to read that there is some person who cares. Of course, this is not the first time I hear of disabled gamers but this time in a completely different manner.

One may ask whether quadriplegic people do not have more important problems - at least this is a question I expect from the ordinary™ person. Actually, most people have more important problems than gaming, regardless of whether they are disabled or not. But thinking about it, I actually do not know anything I could do without moving. I do not like to walk, I do not like to get up, but I am aware and thankful that I can. Without this ability, what can you do all the day? You cannot eat without help, you cannot even read a book yourself, without some gadget that helps you. Playing a video game, getting a bit of the feeling of being able to move, I am pretty sure that this can make a disabled person less depressed. And there are games that can be played together. In the virtual world, they are not disabled anymore.

Above that, let us not forget that these controls, and the expierience with it, might soon or later help developing better gadgets for real life for those people.