Die Statistik ist für den Politiker das, was für den Betrunkenen die Laterne ist.
Sie dient weniger der Erleuchtung als der Aufrechterhaltung des eigenen Standpunktes.
(Roland Koch)

According to Gulli News, Windows 8 will not shut down completely, but keep a memory image which is then loaded to RAM, to improve the speed of the startup. This reminds me of a quote regarding Smalltalk:

I always show this, when asked by C/C++ programmers, as a typing in of "Hello, World!," preferably into an empty Transcript pane. And then I save the image. Loading the program subsequently brings up: "Hello, World!" Individuals will quibble over this relentlessly, saying, "It's not the same!" I can only agree that it's not the same, but that was my point about the languages and their environments in the first place.

Has a bit of Smalltalk's philosophy reached the practical world?