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I already wrote about a campaign "Vergoogeln Sie keine Zeit" (do not waste your time with google) in my university's library. I usually try not to use it, but today, I was looking for a book to learn for my current tests, about algebraic curves.

Firstly, I tried to survive without technology, and went to the shelves for the topic of algebraic geometry. Since I did not find the book there, I searched with their local web interface. The main problem was probably that I misspelled the actual author, I searched for "Fulten" rather than "Fulton", but every reasonable search mechanism should be able to find the right book with a perfectly correct title given, and a little mistake on the author's name. However, of course I tried to search only for "Fulten" and only for "Algebraic Curves", the latter query returned a long list of highly specialized stuff related to algebraic curves, but not the desired book (at least not at the first three pages of at least 20).

As I did not want to waste any more time with this, I searched with Google for "Fulten Algebraic Curves". It suggested "Fulton Algebraic Curves", and using this suggestion, the first Item I found was the site of William Fulton, publishing his book as a free PDF.

I rest my case.