If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then,
is an empty desk a sign? (Albert Einstein)

At the station where I leave the train every week, there is a tunnel where often street musicians play their music. Mostly, their play is so bad and annoying that you want to pay them rather for stopping it, than for playing. However, today, I heard some nice melody from this tunnel, and I thought, maybe a band or something is playing there.

Approaching the source, I saw an old woman, playing on a small electrical piano. Looking a little closer, I found that some keys were missing on the keyboard, and obviously, she was only pretending to play - her keystrokes did not sync with the music, the music was obviously played by that gadget automatically.

I am not sure whether this person was snaky, or just naive to think that nobody will notice, or both. However, at least she knew how to play this gadget in a way that it does not make annoying sounds, even though that only means to choose a track and play it, it is better than what the other people do. And that wtf-feel about it somehow made me smile. I gave her 50 cent, to help her repairing the missing keys on her keyboard.