Panel 1-2: Some persons in (apparently) underpants are shown in the background. Person A: "Why is everybody running around in underpants?" Person B: "They are actually wearing trousers. There was a problem with the software of the trouser designers." -- Panel 3-4: A picture of a coordinate system with two vertical lines and a hyperbola in the middle is shown, and the process of flipping described by Person B: "Trousers were designed as a hyperbola in the middle of two lines. But as the fashion went towards lowering the crotches, there was an underflow, causing the hyperbola to flip over. And as they did not notice this early enough a lot of such trousers were produced, and so they decided to establish this as a new style." -- Panel 5: Person B: "And now, everybody wears it." Person A: "I see."