I haven

I am a vegetarian. I blogged about that in former blog posts, especially on my old blog. In the past, I used to explain the people about my feelings and opinions about meat. Meanwhile I am more careful with whom I tell that, not because I respect the decision of a person to eat meat in any way (I would probably sign a law that forbids eating meat immediately), but because I am tired of discussing, and I did not hear a single point which I did not know before, for years. Also, I am not vegan (yet).

However, of course, when there is dinner somewhere, I sometimes have to ask whether something contains meat. And more than one time I had to endure stupid comments from carnivores around me. To me, some people seemed to feel attacked when they see a vegetarian. Some psychological study now claims to prove this (however, I do not have access to the actual study).

I can understand that somehow. Vegetarism is morally superior, and people do not feel good about that. I can remember times when I thought that veganism was exaggerated - or at least I thought that I thought this. I actually always knew that veganism is morally superior to vegetarism, and I tried to be vegan, but I could not achieve that goal so far. I also think that frutarianism is morally superior, but I think that the world is not ready for that radical form of nutrition yet - which does not lower the honor I assign to people doing this.