Programmierer können jede Programmiersprache benutzen,
solange sie imperativ ist. (Chris Okasaki)

So, here is this week's Link List: - interactive cross-browser testing

Kitchen Myths: Bread does not become stale by drying out - they do not give any evidence of this, though.

The scale of the Universe 2 - scrolling through objects of several sizes.

An illustrated history of scientology - interesting.

Single hand keyboard for tablets - probably it will never be possible to type as fast as with two hands on an ordinary keyboard, but with a bit of practice, it could get very useful. However, I cannot try it, as I do not have a multitouch tablet.

Debian Wheezy Artwork Contest - not that I really care.

Origami robots run only on air - a nice idea, very impressive.

Mario has an affair - sort of.

Two loaves of bread and a bagel.

KERNTYPE, a kerning game - a time killer, even though I do not like typography, and I am still satisfied with monospace fonts mostly.

Atheist Barbie

Hello World in many programming languages

Durch Fleischkonsum entsteht soziale Ungerechtigkeit - insbesondere wird auf das Argument, dass Vegetarier so viel Soja essen, eingegangen.

Meine Fernseh-Hits - Stereotypen ... es gibt sie.

Das erste gedankengesteuerte Linux-Spiel - sieht interessant aus. Auch wenn ich so ein Headset zu teuer finde.

Zwei Petitionen zu der Frage, ob Tierärzte eigene Hausapotheken haben dürfen - mit gewissen Ähnlichkeiten.

Anglizismus 2011 Gewählt - "Shitstorm"