Jetzt fünfzehn Prozent verfassungskonformer.

If there is something that can be said about Software, that is that it sucks and it is boring, at least in most cases. With currently two previews for big projects, Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12, the new release of Minix is somewhat deemed to the background - without deserving it, in my opinion.

With Windows constantly crashing in my VirtualBox, and having a design that gives me the feel of looking at a bad PowerPoint File, and Ubuntu not really having anything remarkable at all except wallowing in the crap of app-stores and cloud services, the small but stable Minix system is really refreshing.

While most people seem to prefer a fully over-engineered interface to live out their subtle hate against computers, I like to see a new system with new concepts and new ways of solving problems beyond the color and shape of buttons.

However, of course, as a productive System, Minix seems more mature than GNU Hurd, but is probably still not usable for everyday work, due to the lack of drivers and software. However, that can also be seen as a chance: There is still work to do, and you can be the one doing this work and getting expierience.

Knowing how to use a computer is something very important in those days - computers are more than machines - in the same way as engines are more than machines. They changed our world in a way that nobody would have imagined. And Unix means more than a bunch of standards, it means the knowledge of generations of coders.