Those who tell the truth need an apace steed.

And the next link list ... shorter, but hopefully more interesting this time.

The unix-jun72 project has scanned in a printout of 1st Edition UNIX from June 1972, and restored it to an incomplete but running system - in which one has to use ed as editor. I wonder how much modern software could be ported to this. - a pdp11 emulator for the browser, also with an old UNIX.

Unix 2nd edition manual - for those who are stuck with the above.

Digraphs and trigraphs - because on that old terminals, not all characters were supported. Somewhat similar problems like we have today.

Turingmaschine mit sed

Pagekite - bring your localhost servers on-line. I have a vserver now, but this might be nice.

The Cartoon Guide to Löb's Theorem

The completeness and compactness theorems of first-order logic

Deutschland fördert die Ausbildung von Kindersoldaten

Umfassende Steuertipps für Studenten und wie Studenten sich Steuern von Morgen sparen

Amazonas-Pilz verzehrt Plastik

Deutschland im medienpolitischen Steinzeitalter

Zehn Jahre Arch Linux - grats!