In den ersten Lebensjahren eines Kindes bringen ihm die Eltern Gehen und Sprechen bei,
in den späteren verlangen sie dann, dass es stillsitzt und den Mund hält.
(Johann Nestroy)

Sitting in the waiting corridor, a lot of people passing by. The counter displays are constantly beeping. It feels a bit like a hospital. It is rather quiet, but there is a subliminal restiveness everywhere. Every few beeps I look at the display to wait for my number - 68 - to appear.

A strange situation. I am not sad, it is just a strange mood of sentimentality. Here, everything started. And everything ends. This is the third time that I am here since beginning my studies. There was no reason to go there more often.

And now, my time as an undergraduate is over. I should feel more mature now. But with maturity comes realism. And with realism comes pessimism.