To bring new life to some good old jokes, I decided to start a series of comics about them. So in no particular order, and in no specified intervals, my mostly weekly comic will be about an old joke. This one is the first one. If you also know some old jokes, please let me know!

Two astronauts are sitting in a cockpit -- Panel 1-2: Computer: "Warning. Failure in primary engine." Astronaut 1: "Oh Shit!" Astronaut 2: "Houston. We have a problem with the primary engine. Over." Houston: "Press the blue button. Over." -- Panel 3-5: Computer: "Secondary engine activated. Warning. Failure in secondary engine." Astronaut 1: "Damn." Astronaut 2: "Houston. We also habe a problem with the secondary engine. Over." Houston: "Press the red button. Over." -- Panel 6-7: Computer: "Tertiary engine activated. Warning. Failure in tertiary engine." -- Panel 8: Astronaut 1 facepalms. Astronaut 2: "Houston. Also the tertiary engine fails. Over." Houston: "Press the green button. Over." -- Panel 9: Computer: "Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name ..."