A magazine is shown: "Scientific research Open Access", "Advances in Pure Mathematics". "Notes on the Eldredge-Rathke Polynomial" by Malvin Smith, Hertha Zumgebaren-Wohlfahrtsoberkacheln. Abstract: "We aim to give a detailed discussion of the Eldredge-Rathke-Polynomial [see below] its zeroes and its several interesting properties applied to the numeric approximation of liquid dynamics." ---- (Gur cybg bs gur shapgvba erfrzoyrf n cravf jvgu grfgvpyrf)

(For your convenience: y^8 -12*y^7 +6*x^2*y^6 +60*y^6 -72*x^2*y^5 -180*y^5 +169*x^4*y^4 +306*x^2*y^4 +373*y^4 -108*x^4*y^3 -432*x^2*y^3 -648*y^3 +960*x^6*y^2 +1446*x^4*y^2 -678*x^2*y^2 +294*y^2 -972*x^4*y +1944*x^2*y +1440*x^8 -2880*x^6 +441*x^4 -882*x^2 -18)