All panels are in the same room, which has metal gray walls and a camera. -- Panel 1: A sheep standing erectly on its hind legs, wearing a corset, yellow gloves, and red high heeled shoes. -- Panel 2: A rope is attached to the ceiling. An elephant tries to climb it, using his feet and his trunk. -- Panel 3: A dog having coil springs attached to its hind legs, jumping erectly, wearing a bumbag. -- Panel 4: A cobweb is shown in the background. A bunny with eight metal legs and red eyes, hanging on a strand attached to the ceiling is shown. -- Panel 5: An angry cat with deer antlers made from metal. -- Panel 6: A human head looking out of a sleeve in which he is trapped, looking sadly. -- Subtext: "Survey reveals: 98.2% of all animals are contented with their species."