Panel 1: A nude obese white person sitting on an examination table and an underweight colored person sitting somewhere is shown. Subtext: "While the first world continued to suffer from obesity, the third world continued to suffer from hunger." -- Panel 2: A lying body without a head, the neck being attached to a machine. A head with closed eyes is shown, wearing a red cap with wires, and another machine where its neck is attached. Subtext: "This went on until head transplantations became possible." -- Panel 3: A healthy colored body with a white head with a double chin wearing a towel is shown, and an obese white body with a colored hat, wearing blue shorts, kneeling on a heap of waste and holding some copper wire. Subtext: "The wealthy people could continue with their gluttony, and regularily exchange their bodies with the hungry people from the third world, who would slim them again while extracting copper from waste. -- Panel 4: Beds with babies are shown. Subtext: "The lifespan of persons increased so rapidly that soon there were not enough bodies left for living heads, so lots of babies were produced. -- Panel 5: A box with a small black screen with some white dots is shown. It has holes on its sides and tops, and most of them have heads attached to them. Subtext: "Their heads were used as processors in the world's central computer clusters, so in exchange of not being able to move, they had instant access to all of human knowledge." -- Panel 6: Chocolate-covered bacon on a wooden plate is shown. Subtext: "And everyone lived happily ever after." ---- (Ba gur gbc bs gur pbzchgre sebz gur svsgu cnary gurer vf n tevq bs pbyberq naq juvgr urnqf naq gur juvgr urnqf sbez n tyvqre sebz pbajnlf tnzr bs yvsr fheebhaqrq ol pbyberq urnqf)