Schuld ist sowas wie Newton-Mechanik. Nur eine gute Näherung.
(Stephan Barth)

It may not really be worth mentioning, but there are at least minor proceedings in uxul-world.

I actually wanted to port everything to opengl, but since I dont have any expierience with opengl, this could take longer than I want to invest on it. Which is also the cause why I do not want to include a continuous zooming feature. I will only allow four zoom-widths, stretching every sprite at compile-time using lisp-magick, which was a dependency I wanted to get rid of, but as it is only used at compile-time, I will probably keep it, and instead throw away sdl-gfx.

It works well, but actually, I wanted to run convert.exe (imagemagick) directly as an external process and use its stdin and stdout for the image data, but sbcl under windows seems neither to have threads nor useful asynchroneous writing-routines (which is a general lack of the common lisp standard, I think - a lot of stuff for streams, but nothing that one really needs). Nevermind. It works the way I do it now.

Another change that I will probably do is to get rid of the parallax background. It slows the drawings down (why ever, probably my mistake) and it takes a lot of work to make the whole thing actually look good in the end. With static backgrounds, this is easier.

I still get access violations randomly under Windows, so far only when using slime, so maybe its related to slime (which is not considered stable under Windows afaik). Anyway, except this and minor blemish, it works so far. So I will probably record the changes to my repo soon. Which is good.

But not what I wanted to achieve. What I wanted to achieve was to finally create a few level-parts that I actually will use in the game. Lets wait and hope.