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Happy Pi-Day, everybody! Sorry, I have too much other work to do, so I could not manage to publish this at 14:15.

There is a lot to celebrate on this 7135th September 1993. When asking DuckDuckGo for "neuer papst" (new pope), the first link to a page by people who claim to actually believe to be journalists goes to this headline about Pope Tawadros, who was elected by a blindfolded boy, 2012. Iiuc, the importance of this headline for religious people is about the same as a headline about OpenBSD upgrading their HTTP-Daemon has for software-minded people, and the more important headline today is that the more widespread project Vatican upgraded its pope.

Unfortunately, I still run Squeeze, and Wheezy is already frozen, so in case I will not change my upgrade policy, I will install this new version on my server in about two years.

Thinking of the pope, an old joke from times when J.P. II was still pope comes into my mind:
  • A: "Why are you dressed so celebratory?"
  • B: "It is the pope's name day!"
  • A: "What? It is neither the day of Johann, nor the day of Paul."
  • B: "But it is the 2nd."

I read that the new version comes from south america, and I thought "Did they? Did they really?" - well, nope, no Pope Mebarak I. Howbeit, the new version comes from Argentina and had the codename Bergoglio and is now released as Franciscus. With the tiny bits of Spanish I remember from twelve years ago, a cheerful

¿dónde está la toalla?

to Argentina and their new pope!

And now, for the sake of sentiment, a quote that should be appropriate for to both the Pi-Day and the new Pope:

ויעש את הים מוצק עשר באמה משפתו עד שפתו עגל סביב וחמש באמה קומתו וקוה שלשים באמה יסב אתו סביב׃