Panel 1: A big futuristic laboratory is shown. Text: "When the Google Labs built the first self-conscious AI..." -- Panel 2: A small mouse on a table is shown, with an apple logo in the background. Text: "It was licensed by Apple to build the first self-conscious computer mouse, the Sage Mouse." -- Panel 3: Bloody body-parts of mice are shown, a Sage Mouse in the middle of them. Text: "Annoyed to share a name with a species, they waged a war against mice." -- Panel 4: A Sage Mouse and an angry cat is shown. Text: "Since they hunted mice, they were soon called cats by the people, so they started to fight against cats." -- Panel 4: A big pile of Sage Mice in front of a cloudy sky is shown. Text: "But as people like cats, they lost sympathy of them. It left only one conclusion ... Humanity is not ready yet for a strong AI." ---- (Ba gur svefg cnary va gur onpxtebhaq n fznyy fcvqreohaal vf fubja)