Back from the land of the snaileaters. Well, snails appear to be more like decoration than actual food. I did not eat them anyway, since they are animals, and I guess they are capable of feeling pain.

The first french guy I met who actually spoke a language I could understand (English) was my arabian-looking taxi driver, who was probably a muslim. I did not ask him about that, for obvious reasons. We talked about the traffic in Paris - I was shocked about the rudeness of the drivers there, which was even worse than in Munich. He told me about traffic lights with integrated cameras who would take a picture of drivers passing a red light. It was interesting, and he was very friendly.

No-entry-sign with SAUF and a bicycle under it

So, as I was in Paris anyway, I decided to use my free time to watch some sights and take some pictures. There is a lot of local street art in Paris, and it is hidden in places you will not expect it.

Rusty post with holes and some strange sort of cat face painted on it (vandalism)

Not only is there a lot of art, they have very decorative bins.

Broken bin with a lot of trash lying around.

And accessibility.

Small rests of street paint with knobs (for blind people).

The buildings are nice.

Nortre Dame bridge with building behind it with a huge iPhone 5c advertisement all over its facade.

And Eiffel Towers ...

Stand with Eiffel-tower-models in different sizes.

Thousands of them ...

Seller holding huge wire-ring with many Eiffel-tower-key-fobs.

And a very big one, too ...

Picture from below the Eiffel tower.

I was also at the Louvre museum. On my way to it, I saw some bridges with locks on it. This is a new ritual that is done in Germany too, but in Paris the bridges look like hedges made of metal.

Banister with lots of locks.

Paris is truly the town of love! Just look at this guy:

Bored-looking man carrying a package of welded locks with 'Love Lock' hand-written on it, who sells them for 1 Euro.

In front of the Louvre museum, they have four sockets for tourists to let them take pictures of themselves doing the Hitler greeting.

Woman standing on one of the sockets lifting her arm.

Somehow I did not feel comfortable with that, and decided to have a breakfast before going inside. There I met some nice girls who stole money from my wallet. I would have expected this in, like, Brazil or something, rather than in Paris. But on the other hand, there are also gamblers in the streets I wouldn't have expected in Paris ...

Thimblerig with matchboxes.

And of course, this can happen in every town. Still, Paris will always be the first town where money was stolen from me. At least they knew how to get money. This guy obviously didn't:

Homeless person sleeping on the street blocking the wind using a paper box.

In the Lovre, of course, I had to watch the Mona Lisa. It surely is a nice picture, but I don't actually know why it is hyped so much. There is a lot of nice art in this museum, even for philistines (like me ...). I found the following piece of art especially appealing, since it reminded me of ... well ... watch for yourself ...

Person from painting having the 'you dont say'-face Drawing of Nicolas Cage having the 'you dont say'-face

So ... Yeah. Nice town.