The whole setting of the comic is in an ∀tv quiz. There are three persons: A human on the left side, the anchor who holds a sheet in his hand, and an alien on the right side. Anchor: "Today on ∀tv Science Quiz: To my right: The first time we have a non-human candidate from our new friends from Xel<code>dlarahn. A giant applause for the famous Xel</code>dlarahnian mathematician and philosopher, Reg<code>repsa. And To my left: The terran winner from our last episode, and recent winner of the Abel prize, Professor Jens Sutherland. And now let's start with the first question: Who was the first Man on the moon?&quot; Jens Sutherland presses the Buzzer. Jens Sutherland: &quot;Neil Armstrong&quot; Anchor: &quot;Correct! Next Question: Who discovered X-Rays&quot; Jens Sutherland: &quot;Wilhelm Roentgen&quot; Anchor: &quot;How was the first satellite called&quot; Jens Sutherland: &quot;Sputnik&quot; Anchor: &quot;Correct! Who invented Velcros?&quot; Reg</code>repsa: "Mestral." Anchor: "Correct! The first correct answer from Reg<code>repsa! Next Question: Who was the first Woman in Space&quot; Jens Sutherland: &quot;Valentina Tereshkova&quot; Anchor: &quot;Correct! How many known Quarks are there currently&quot; Reg</code>repsa: "2916, according to the Xel<code>dlarahnian academy of science.&quot; Anchor: &quot;Well, that is not the answer I wanted to hear. Sorry. 12 would have been correct. Next question: Which famous car brand is named after a scientist who discovered electric induction&quot; Jens Sutherland: &quot;Tesla&quot; Anchor: &quot;Correct. The film 'The Imitation Game' is about which computer scientist?&quot; Jens Sutherland: &quot;Alan Turing&quot; Anchor: &quot;Correct! Who invented the theory of the warp drive?&quot; Jens Sutherland: &quot;Miguel Alcubierre&quot; Anchor: &quot;Well, we have a winner: Mr. Sutherland. Even though Xel</code>dlarah is said to be the scientifically more advanced planet, not lucky today, sorry."