Panel 1: In the background, the name "Broyeurex" is written in calligraphy. A person at a lectern in front of it sais: "The situation is serious! The market of rolling pins had no innovation since years, and we are losing our market share to cheaper products." -- Panel 2: The person proceeds: "We therefore hired Hardfried Wiles, the former innovation manager from Ettélig Razors." He points at a person on his left side. Hardfried Wiles (one-legged, using a crutch in his right hand to stand, and a microphone in his other hand): "I look forward to it!" -- Panel 3: Title: "Soon ...". An advertisement that shows a gadget made of five rollers attached to handles is shown. It sais "The new Broyeurex Beaufort 5. Five rollers. Smoother dough." ---- Oeblrherk vf n cha sbe Zbhyvark