Panel 1: A woman in a cape is standing in front of a mirror with the text "andross" on it, which is in a typeface similar to that of Google's Android. She sais "Mirror mirror on the wall." -- Panel 2-3: The mirror is dissolving into rectangles and then forming a face similar to the one of Andross (from Star Fox). It sais "Yes?" The woman sais "Who's the fairest of them all?" -- Panel 4: The face spits out a sheet with a girl drawn on it. The woman angrily looks at her mobile phone. -- Panel 5: The phone is shown, with her thumb clicking on "SEND". Above the button, there is the textx "DroneCloud Pro". -- Panel 6-8: The girl from panel 4 is shown. An apple with a propeller is flying towards her, and varporizes her with a ray.