Panel 1-2: A man and a woman are in a room. The man sais: "Honey, I go and buy some cigarettes. Do we need anything else?" The woman sais "We need some toilet paper." -- Panel 3: A text "20 years later" is shown. The woman is in a room with another similar looking woman. She brings some coffee. The other woman sais: "And it has been 20 since he left you?" The woman sais: "Yes, this day, 20 years ago, he left." -- Panel 4-5: The man enters the door with a cigarette in his mouth and a bag of toilet paper rolls. He sais "Honey! I'm back!" The other woman sais "Seriously?" The woman sais "After twente years you come crawling back like nothing happened?" -- Panel 6: The background of the scene is shown. The tables and chairs are levitating, and out of the window there is a futuristic skyline with flying saucers. The man sais: "Oh my god. Do a level 3 check for space time anomalies!"