All panels show a person sitting at a bus stop, having an internal monologue. Panel 1: "Hm... The bus is delayed." -- Panel 2: "I have read that some old people's homes have fake bus stops..." -- Panel 3: " the demented people who wander around sit down and wait for the bus, until a nurse brings them back." -- Panel 4: "Apparently, they really believe that they are waiting for the bus." -- Panel 5: "Just like me." -- Panel 6: "Oh my god, what if I was one of them? What if this was just a clear moment, but all of my memories are of a distant past?" -- Panel 7: "And I am only remembering this situation while in real I am an old person who just wanders around cluelessly until the nurse puts me back into my place?" -- Panel 8: "How can I be sure?"