The cake is a lie.

I have a new toothbrush. It is a fancy new electric toothbrush that has bluetooth support. Which it needs as much as a nuclear power plant needs wings. Anyway, additionally, I can use it as a lamp: It has an annoying blue light that blinks when it is loading.

It seems that engineers like to put lights on everything they build. I could not find a switchable power strip that does not have a lamp indicating that it is on. The cable of my laptop has a blue light to indicate that it is plugged in.

And as a special feature, they like to let these lights blink. My external screen has a blue light when it is on, which blinks when the screen is in standby mode. On the aforementioned laptop, there is a light that indicates when it is on, and slowly blinks when the computer is in standby mode.

Yes, these are mostly LED lamps that do not consume a relevant amount of energy (or do they?), but they are just annoying, especially when you need to sleep in a room where they are.

Please, dear engineers, don't add lamps if it is not absolutely necessary, and if it really is, do not make them blink.